3D Link Up

For skiing, this has been a very dry and slow year. Just when we thought spring was in full swing we received a great series of storms here on the east side. No complaints here! When the snow falls you have to take full advantage.

A friend and I on a day off went for the 3D (triple D) link up. The full monty would be to ski the 3D chute on Dream Mountain in June Lake, climb back up and ski the Fern Grotto (AKA Fern Chute) Climb back up yet again and ski Carson Peak back to the car. This is a great and logical link up of 3 classic and spectacular ski descents. Not having passes we had to hike up from the bottom and after some serious skiing down 2 chutes our legs were trashed so we bailed on Carson peak. Lets call it the Double D link up instead.

IMG_4812Getting ready and looking onto 3D Chute

IMG_4815A Short rappel drops you into a 50 deggree chute.

IMG_4852Hop turns and decent snow were the name of the game



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